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Reflection of Exchange Program

Gao Jin

Going to Germany was something I looked forward to and finally it came true through this exchange program.

I have been back for almost a week now. Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed and other times it feels like nothing is the same.

As I remembered the things I experienced there it felt like it had been a dream and I just woke up.  It's a weird feeling, it doesn't seem real. Time flies, it all happened so quickly. And I know I can never live this two weeks over again. And when I go back it will never be the same. It's like a chapter in my life has ended but I'm not ready to let it go. However, I'm being forced because the new chapter in my life is hitting me like a bullet. IELTS is coming.

I have experienced a passionate connection with my friends from both countries that I have never encountered before.I really valued the moments spending during Biggsee as I think that it would forever change and deepen my understandings of life, value,and dream.

Arriving in Germany, we were delightfully greeted by Mr.Bernd. And it was a really great first day to get to know our German friends that we would be spending the next few days with.

I had a nice breakfast chat with Mr.Bernd, he told me the story about how he met Mr.Ma Shan and how they started to organize this Chinese-German youth exchange program.

So as you can imagine they put in so much effort into trying to make the exchange trip as fulfilling as possible. Even though I participated in many activities, I think the most valuable and enjoyable thing was meeting, speaking, solving problems with German friends. I miss the European pace, I miss just sitting and chatting with German friends in the firehouse and not being hurried.

In the program, we were separated into several groups, and we did many fun activities, the final task--to build your ideal city proved to be the highlight of the program. I have never thought that working can be this fun. It's a special experience for me that I will never forget.

I have told many stories and shown some pictures and things to people, but no one seems to understand it like I do. It's not that they don't seem interested because I know they really are, it's just hard to describe. It's one of those you had to be there at that time that I can't explain right.

Today I miss Germany the most, I miss my German friends very much. We became so close by the end and it broke my heart to have to say goodbye. I hope April will come soon.

My family and I are extremely appreciative for everything the program has done for me. I learnt so much from it including the fantastic city work that we did, it's just amazing how much you put into the work and the world. The exchange program was the best thing that I had ever happened to me and l would really like to see how I can contribute back into others. Special thanks to Mr.Bernd, Mr.Udo, and Mr.Ma Shan who gave so much of their own time and effort in supporting and helping me, and who gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks again for everything!


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