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 I  want to say that I really miss my friends in Germany.and I really love Germany.Although we stayed in Germany only severl days we get along with each other.Life in Germany was so cozy.Everyday,we got up at 7:00 o'clock,and ate the breakfast at 8 o'clock.After that we will do  our tasks.

We built our dream city,and discussed the most important things in our life.We also Introduced our country,and let them know our country

In the night, we usually stayed in bar,and talked with our partner.It is a good thing  to improve our English spoken.What's more,we really

enjoyed ourselves.In these days,we learned a lot about Germany,not only culture,but also atmosphere.Ireally like their atmosphere,It's really peaceful and harmonious.

In order to learn more about Germany, we visited their house.and the family numbers treat me very well.and they prepared some gifts

for me.they took me to see the drama.It is the first time I have see this.I'm really excited.Next we went to the Barbicue,got reunion.I really

like this forms.

In these days,we ate together, talked with each other and went shopping together....I really miss that timewhen we stayed with them.

Fortunatelythey will go to China in octomber.That's so great for me.I want to be the guide to intrduce our city for them,and let them

know our own culture.

I really enjoyed this tour,and I miss them very much.



Just something that called memoriy

First I would like to thank mr.Frankie,who gives me the spirt for writing.I wrote down on my diary yesterday that “All seems have come to an end but indeed it’s just a beginning”seems so,you have put down all the things the you have burdened,and make yourself into a quite atmosphere and that’s the moment no have no more anxious waiting!What is its name?you must know,it’s something called freedom and democracy.Almost 10 hours in the plane wondering how the germany would like,you know,even that a person had explain everything he or she had experience in that place you still don’t know how the place is like.the first thing that makes us feel surprised is that the sun is still in the sky in almost half past 8 in the evening.Life is simple but warm no more noise,even not as modern as it is in somewhere called China.and somehoe produce a felling of lonely to us,freshmen.The wall among the highway is all full of graffti though it’s forbitten!Late in the evening,we arrived at akademie biggesee,a lovely academy located in the wonderful town,and what impress me is the lead called Bernd speaks his own language Berndish,but it works well,even much better than the guide in the castle.And everytime he finishes his speak he must use a very strong way to force us to ASK.I share the room with Mr Frankie,a man that has many different human characters.Trip among the biggesee can very be a nice trip for that you would never expect such a clean lake in China for the forest surrounding the lake,boats sailing happily with the old man almost sleep while he was sleeping.Sun shines warmly and the rain hits the groud without any sound.I spend almost 10 mins for simple lonely little flower that flowered in the deep grass and also being laughed by others for being so sentimental.So what?we meet the german friends during the coffee time and we start the conversation craefully in order not to become embarssed,so we don’t get a lot information.Time past smoothly that you haven’t expected to realize it, but when we getinto one room to have our own parterner,time seems freezed.I got Jonas.though I have tried every measure to remember his name,but I still call him”uhm,hey”.Talking about the most important thing in my life,I choose

to know places where I can get away from it all and can have time for inner peace

to be able to forget

to be able to show my feelings

to have an understanding partner who loves me

to believe that,in the end,nothing really bad can happen to me

to always have something I can look forward to

don’t know why something called love and peace and confidence bacame so important for me,for the first time only 14 choices was past.So if Mrs.Katharina didn’t warn you ,hehe,both Frankie and I will become the last one to finish because we both know that it is all worth to our life.Globalize has made all the citizens talking their own advantage and disadvantage directly.While we still struggle for opening more nuclear energy station,german had already planned to close all the nuclear erengy station in next 20 years.And they still point out the rate of the old is still high which means that in less than 80 years ther would not be any native germans at all!and they still have problems to understand the country that is the home to one fifth of the man kind.When the imagination come into reality that is the time we build our own city in which city there is no corruption,no pollution in all that all the thing that you want to see will not exsist in the city.And the teamwork makes the relationship between the german friends and us goes much more closer.2 days past, we are all like the new mum that look the young baby born,happy,excited and tried for it contains all of our tears and sweat.As an old saying goes:“Life is god –damn tough”but we taste the sweet behind the tough!Please forgive me for not writing down the details of the sight seeing.What I want to write down is just the last day party,I put the cake to the fireplace as the eating for the night!but suddenly Jona saw it and suddenly realize it was my birthday,then everyone in the house begin to sing the lovely birthday song for me.I was almost cry,but inded I smiled and greet everyone with thank you,and my potter thorw the cake to my face,and make it all around my face.I am sure that would be one of the most happist birthday in my life.Germany,a country which used to be a lengend has now come into my life.And has became like a fairy tale.Blessing you my german friends for you let spend the most unforgettable 11 days with you.Blessing you my teammates,for you have made me feel comfortable with you.Blessing you my roommate,for providing the both happiness and sorrow for me!

11 days past,we still remain at the field,watching around,

Saw you house,with you stand at the door,waving to us.

thank you my friends,and please,never say farewell!

Jonathan Hull.C,Zhang

11:04 at QingDao China


Trip to Germany杨艺

Tired of the long journey, we finally landed on the airport of Frankfurt. Though exhausted, I get totally refreshed at the first breath of the new air in this –for me-new country.

We took a bus to AKADEMIE BIGGESEE. Alongside the road extended trees and grass, which magically made me awake, didn’t willing to miss any single sight. Little village quietly laid on the valley, so cozy, I thought. When we later arrived at the academy, ate the food prepared, I felt really relaxed and nothing was strange anymore, only love, love and love.

The first morning in AKADEMIE BIGGESEE, we got up early, couldn’t’ wait to see the morning in Germany. We took a walk around, so close to the life of German people. Morning in Germany is quiet, so we were carefully, didn’t want to disturb this atmosphere. People were so friendly that almost all the drivers said hello to us, a kind madam even stopped her car to say hello in Chinese. But I got hungry soon. The first breakfast, I ate more than I could but I didn’t feel sick. Then I got a reputation of big stomachJ.

It was nice to walk along the BIGGESEE, but I started to worry about the meeting with German friends, afraid that we couldn’t find many topics.

What a coincidence! The friend sat next to me during the tea time became my partner. But we were still faced with that problem I had been worried about when we tried to know each other. Then I felt a little disappointing about myself.

With the process getting further, we have done many things together for example introduce our partner and talk about the good things and bad things in our country. When our mixed group talked about the six most important things in our life, our opinions are surprisingly similar. Though there were situation that we couldn’t decide which to choose, we finally came to an agreement successfully.

My dear partner invited me to go to a festival in ATTENDORN and to her home and meet her parents, which made me really delighted. So there were many things for me to look forward to. Then we were honored to meet the mayor of the town.

For me, the funniest thing was building our dream city. We had the same idea to build a small town, quiet, close to nature and people would be close to each other. We found material outside, built everything together, we are a fantastic group. We have wonderful beach, wonderful river, wonderful mountain…everything is so wonderful! Our town was given name the ALKAMAJEROMI-TOWN, the first two letters of our names. You won’t find another one in this world~!

We went to the bar and stayed late almost every night, not to drink but wanted to have more time to stay together. In result of this, our night became shorter and shorter :p. One night we spent the whole night teaching each other Garman and Chinese. Then the next morning in the elevator, all German friends were saying hello and I love you in Chinese.

I think we had developed deep friendship, though we didn’t talk much.

The performance in CAFÉ MOSES was so brilliant, and touching, really.

I went to Katharina’s home after visiting her school. Her family is so warm, so kind and they come to the barbecue in the evening. We really had a wonderful time together. Thus I can’t imagine time past so fast that we have to say goodbye in a few days…

Only a few days left for us to go for visiting. We went to candy factory, to shopping mall, to museum, to the cathedral, to the city government…We have good time doing all these things, but all these things can’t be equal to the days that we spent only with friends. 

The last night, although tired, I was not willing to go back to my room from the fore place. Looking at the fire and friends talking happily to each other, I don’t know what I can say. The atmosphere was warm. There were another group in the academy and they were dancing joyfully behind us. Music is always very effective, a few German friend did a little dance at first, then we all joined the group and danced together, until we had to go to pack our luggage…Katharina hugged me and I felt sad. I asked her if we could meet the next day, she said yes.

But I don’t know what to say the next morning we meet, so I said nothing. This was the usual situation, I think, we don’t know what to say to each other. Even though, our friendship is deep, and it’s hard to say goodbye.

But the moment would come.

So we are back to Frankfurt, looking around this big city. But the busy city didn’t give me more impressive feelings than my friends. When we were visiting, I still have the feeling that we will go back to AKADEMIE BIGGESEE after visit.

It was so beautiful to see sunset on airplane.

Now I’m at my familiar home, just can’t imagine AKADEMIE BIGGESEE is so far away. The door is still easy to touch in my mind. Everything is like a dream, certainly, wonderful dream.

At last, I want to say thank you to Katharina-my dear partner and sister, Alena, jenny, Micheal and Masen, we are a wonderful group!

And thanks all the Chinese and Garman friends, I love you all!  

GermanyThis is it

Although I knew some about Germany before but the moment I arrived Frankfurt,I was surprise by the blue sky,clean streets and fresh air.The trip is also closer to my heart.

On the way to school,Thomas told us that Germany is the only country without speed limit.As he said:Free speed for free people.In a free country like Germany,everyone have a right to enjoy his liberty,still more his life,you can even lie.But you must learn to pay for yourself.

Deep in my book,German is very strict,strong,upright and never stoop to fawning.My German friends showed that.What's more,they are very passionate and friendly.Their smile made me at home!In this several days,we worked together and resolve many problems.We talked about our own country,find out six most important minds in our life;at last,we made our "Dream City".I want to say something about"six most important minds in my life".I find that our comprehensive philosophy of the world or of human life is widely different.After our long time discussion.We conclude an agreement that fame and gain is not important,we should do more to enjoy our free life.

After some hard days of work,we have free time to learn more about this interesting country.We visited one of the TOP 500 companies,and I asked some question about different standards in different factory all over the world.But the don't understood my question.Because there is only one standards,that is the TOP standard!After that,we visit mayor of two cities.They spend their weekend time to be with us,and they really work for city resident.When we took photo together,they said that they are very glad to do this.I was very moving to see the smile on their face.And I think I know more about what free mean in this "free country".

And then, we visited Cologne Cathedral and Rhine.It is really beautiful.What's more ,I visited Alena's home and we went around in this small village.I can find everything I need in such a some village like this.They don't need to worry anymore.So their life can be very free!Everyone in Germany breathe the "free" air and everyone can enjoy their free life.

Ten-days trip has been over.I want to say that I did not only see some beautiful scene in this ten days,the most important thing is that I LEARN A NEW LIFE STANCE.I INSPECT MY OWN LIFE AGAIN and I inspect my own country again.A tourist can never learn that.THOMAS,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!I will never forget this trip,because IT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE!

It is the time to say goodbye,my brother Ghana and my partisan Alena said:we will welcome you forever!I want to say:THANK YOU VERY MUCH,BECAUSE OF YOU,BECAUSE ALL OF YOU,I SPENT MY BEST TIME IN GERMANY!AND I WILL NEVER FORGER OUR FRIENDSHIP!

Frankfurt,I'LL BE BACK!                       

                      Yu Youyang(Mason Hammer)

Aug.5  2011

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